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Use this new Urn Design Studio to add text, pictures, and clip art directly to your urn right on your own computer to design the EXACT urn that you want. You can launch the design studio from every product page in our inventory.

Cremation Urn Design Studio

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The loss of a loved one is always difficult, the emptiness can feel unbearable. The road ahead without that person can be one of the hardest moments to move forward from and can take a prolonged period of time to overcome the empty void from their loss. Every one of us here understand that feeling and had to cope with the loss of someone special. There doesn't seem to be any words of condolence that can make the pain go away.

Using my own experience of personnel loss, I have developed a number of cremation urns that allow you the opportunity to express your own feelings. Our wood urns allow you to choose from several styles, and woods to create that one of kind cremation urn that celebrates those you care about most. In addition to this control you can then have pictures, poems, and quotes laser engraved on to the urn that will give comfort for years to come. With each cremation urn also comes a keepsake cup or tray (also called a memory cup or tray) to hold those special items such as a lock of hair, a wedding band, or even a letter that mean so much. Our wood urns are made from one hundred percent solid domestic hardwoods and made in a green process to limit the amount to wood waste to a minimum.

Our segmented wood cremation urns are made from up to two hundred individual pieces and hand turned to a smooth finish. We then finished the urns with a high gloss clear coating. Although, the segmented urns each come with a keepsake cup to hold personal mementos, you can use the just the lid to entomb the ashes. The box urns are assembled using either finger joints or dovetail joints to further personalize each urns. Like the segmented wood urns, again you can either use the keepsake tray or entomb the ashes using just the lid.

For some expressing our feelings can be difficult, that is why our staff will be more than happy to help you throughout the process. Their abilities will allow you to design a wood urn to say what only you can express.

We here at Bryan Wood Urns understand the difficulty of losing a loved one, and wish to express our deepest sympathy for your loss. It has become our mission to help you to build a lasting testament to their lives so to enlighten yours. Thank you for considering our urns.